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My name is Brenda and I’m the founder of Greystone House.  I was ten years into a challenging and deeply rewarding career in information processing when we decided to have children.  It never occurred to me not to work.  I loved my work and we were ready to have a family.  I learned how difficult it is to be nursing a baby, compete in the office with men whose wives stayed at home, and have a husband who traveled 80% of the time.  Then came wanting our child to have a good academic preschool and frustration with cold cereal five mornings a week.  After a cross-country move, things settled in for a while and we decided to have a second child.  After another cross-country move, I decided to do something about the abysmal state of daycare.  I decided to develop a daycare program that has everything – the best academics, the best nutrition, the best environment with the best lighting and air conditioning.  That’s how Greystone House came to be.  The first Greystone House opened in 1984 on the north side of Houston.  Over the years, we’ve added schools as parents began to drive long distances to give their children the value system that we embrace.
There are now multiple schools in the Greystone House system, each one close enough so you don’t have to drive so far and small enough so that you can know all of us and we all can know you and your family.  Community is important to us here.  We plan a lot of gathering activities through the year, some so we can visit with you about your child and some so you can know other families that have a lot in common with your family (upcoming events).