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When we consider deeply what we want for our children, we have to admit that itís the same things we also want for ourselves.  Greystone House uses a list developed by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book What Do You Really Want for Your Children? as a philosophical attitude for everything we do at the school. These things we want express an ideal summary of what it means to be a no-limit human being. Children can be brought up to value themselves rather than to have low self-esteem; to celebrate their own potential greatness rather than to fear it; to be creative rather than be one of the herd; to have peace and love in their hearts rather than anger and hate; to feel powerful and useful rather than unimportant and bored; to experience a stress-free life rather than relying on drugs and pills; to enjoy life rather than competing against it; and to be motivated by a desire to grow rather than to repair deficiency.

  ††††† -    value themselves
      -    are risk-takers
      -    are self-reliant
      -    are free from stress and anxiety
      -    have peaceful lives
      -    celebrate
      -    have an attitude of wellness
      -    whose needs are fulfilled
                      -     love and belongingness
                      -     self-esteem and respectability
                      -     security needs
                                -      freedom
                                -      justice
                                -      order
                                -      individuality
                                -      meaningfulness
                                -      self-sufficiency
                                -      simplicity
                                -      playfulness
                                -      aliveness
                       -     higher needs
                                -      truth
                                -      beauty
                                -      aesthetic appreciation
                                -      goodness
                                -      spirituality