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Child development
Child development is as big as all humanity.  Essentially it’s mind, body, and spirit.  If you would like to navigate past some of the philosophy in this section, go directly to see what songs we’re singing this week or this week’s show-and-tell in the enrichment curriculum section, or check out what the children had for lunch today in the nutritional section.

Our enrichment curriculum is superimposed on the standard Montessori curriculum. These programs vary through the year and include art activities, cooking and science classes, creative dramatic and music instruction, and dance and motor development programs. Our motor development program stresses cardiovascular fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. We cycle safety, manners, and ecological instruction through each month. One of the most amazing things about our program each year as we come to a repeat of the topic is how many children remember what they learned a year ago. That’s amazing for a 4-year-old. We’ve come to expect it for our 5-year-olds. Continue...