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It’s the lazy, hazy days of summer, right? Not at most houses. Busy work doesn’t slack off, but we add pool time, picnics, and maybe a trip or two to the beach. Late sunsets mean we’re an hour later getting the slow-down routine started. So where can we find some sanity? Maybe by being counterintuitive. Instead of going faster to cram everything in, we can eliminate some of the busy work to focus on the good stuff. Busy work is:

• “Regular” meals - Have a nutritious picnic instead.

• A squeaky clean house – Eliminate dust catchers and remember that we need good germs, too.

• Multiplying laundry – Hang towels to dry, and only strip beds when you can launder and re-make the bed. Use play clothes that can be tossed in a drawer.

• Crafty anything – Handmade birthday party invitations or any project the kids can’t do is not worth it.

Our children need us. They remember much more fondly the simple, good times. When asked what they like best to do with their dads, elementary children responded “Play tag”, “Walk in the park”, “Hold his hand”, and “Rock climbing and biking”. The best security blanket is a quiet story at bedtime and lingering for a few minutes to talk after the light is out. A special quiet place at home is wonderful for the whole family. A cozy chair beside a window with a nice view, a bench in a quiet corner of the yard, or a place to sit in a part of your house that you’ve noticed is particularly quiet. If you’ll do quiet, centering things in that place, you’ll notice that your children will enjoy joining you occasionally.

Spending special time with your child is another security system. The Father’s Day breakfast is so special for our children. They know dad is busy. When he always comes, it sends a clear message that family comes first and that the child is special enough for that affirmation. Every afternoon the children wait eagerly for mom or dad to arrive. They call out to their friends when their parents arrive. Even the littlest ones begin to get distressed when they’re not picked up in the right sequence. A total focus on your child for the first 30 minutes together adds a real sense of security. Comments like “I’m so glad to see you” and “Show me what you did today” are incredibly affirming to a little one. Taking the time to watch a lesson or see what feat was accomplished on the climbing structure tells your child that you consider what he did today was important.

When we treasure how different nature is with all its diversity of plant, animal, and landscape environments, we can learn that variety is a fact of nature. These lazy summer times give us the security to understand that we are special, all of us, every one.