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Our preschoolers are the best teachers in the world for living in the present moment. When we appreciate, even luxuriate, in who we are and where we are right now, the more our experiences will be positive. I have found that the more freedom I allow myself to fully and freely experience what is important to me, the more peak experiences I seem to have. When I donít focus on when Iíll finish and donít think about what I need to do next, I simply function and allow myself to work. The hours flow by and Iím refreshed and productive. (See Csikszentmihalyiís book Flow.)

Children are natural geniuses at living life in the present moment. They intuitively know how to get lost in a moment and to enjoy it fully. They put their thinking selves on hold and suspend judgment. This absence of thinking, of quieting the mind, and the ability to not only enjoy what they do, but to actually be what they are doing is what it means to be an unspoiled child. We can learn from them, not to be childish, but to be childlike. We can be totally involved in the moment rather than thinking about all the things we have to do later.

This is a lovely philosophy, but whatís the reality of it? Once you have planned your day, prioritizing activities and allocating time, then be totally in each activity. When youíre driving to the school in the morning, be totally with your child, enjoying the drive and savoring the time together. At pick up time, take the last 5 or 10 minutes of your commute to focus on your child. When you greet her, be totally with her. Greet her with a hug and kneel to her level to hear about her day. Ask her to show you what she did today. Treasure his three-year-old-ness as being perfect for where he is right now. Donít think of him as being incomplete or that you want him to hurry and get older and bigger. When you get home in the evenings, enjoy your child until you can both move on to your eveningís activities. Donít rush events. Donít be annoyed at delay. Donít focus on what ďshouldĒ be done. Compliment your child freely and sincerely. Once you have established your life and daily goals, enjoy the daily steps to get there. Explain why and where and how for everything. Encourage your child to do for himself. Donít follow fads or commercial ad campaigns or establish money as the criteria for doing or not doing.

Our little children have not yet learned to be tense or perfectionists or labeled. Every day is a new day for them. We can learn so much from them so that we, too, can celebrate every moment, and at the end of our lives, find that we have truly lived.