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One of the basic tenets in the Montessori classroom is that the classroom must always be inviting. Children – indeed people – approach and study most joyously those things that are interesting to them. Things that are out-of-the-ordinary or about which we’ve been curious to learn beckon us to come closer. The teacher in the Montessori classroom observes what piqued a child’s interest or what skill the child seems to practice over and over until she perfects herself. With the knowledge from this observation, the teacher makes available to the child that learning which the child intuitively knows he needs to function and contribute to the world.

For the tiny child, it might be an exercise in categorizing various shells into their individual types. As adults, we know that this sorting skill enables us to categorize everything from our daily tasks to the biologist categorizing life forms. For the little child in our classroom, it’s a joyful visual and kinesthetic exercise. For an older child working with sink-and-float equipment, the dawning understanding of density, surface tension, and dis-placement becomes a part of her being and she thinks she always knew these principles of physics. Likewise is the understanding of what an island is, where is Sri Lanka, and how scary it was for Christopher Columbus to explore the edge of the world. Between our Montessori classrooms and the enrichment curriculum, our children are exposed to an incredible range of history, anthropology, sociology, chemistry, biology, geology, poetry and music, and many art forms. As their adult guides, both parents and teachers, we can share the excitement and adventure that comes from exploring the boundaries of our minds.

When our children go on into elementary schools, their teachers there frequently are amazed at their broad knowledge. This is the basic stuff of intelligence – to know a lot about a lot of things so that our creativity has many tools with which to concoct new solutions to the situations before us. It’s called education, and it begins with our school’s tiniest infants. It goes on throughout our entire lives.