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The school has tornado drills regularly, and occasionally a child will have a bad reaction to the idea of a traumatic event. In our Montessori environment, and truly as educators, one of the things we try to do is antic-ipate life situations and prepare our children to handle them well. Manners, scissors, and anti-victimization skills are all part of this, as are tornado and fire drills. No child should be frightened of learning to cope in our world. More than learning to survive, it’s a learning to thrive. It gives our children a sense of power.

You can help by reinforcing these attitudes at home. It’s the “I can do it” and “Perseverance wins” mentality. One of the life safety skills we are not able to teach at the school that we hope you are working on at home is what to do in case of a fire in your home. Please, please, please have home fire drills with your little one. Teach him several alternate routes to get out of the house, including how to unlock doors and windows. Teaching responsible behavior of not going out except in an emergency is an important part of this. Also teach where to meet the family once he’s outside. Preferably, this would be a highly visible place not across a street. By the mailbox or by the big tree works well.

You don’t have to practice a tornado alert, but you might want to calmly discuss what you would do if there was a tornado or hurricane and why. Then when you might have to implement this plan, your child is in a position to calmly react with you. You’ll know the other safety measures you need to teach your child at home; how to call 911, boat safety, fireplace safety, etc. If a child can talk on a telephone, get on the boat, or stand by the fire, she’s old enough to learn safety skills taught in an orderly and non-frightening way. Please also reinforce these lessons in your home on a regular basis:

• Reassure your child that you would never abandon him and that you would never stop looking for him until you found him.

• Make sure your child knows her full name, address including city and state, and complete telephone number. When reciting this information, teach her to speak clearly and loudly, even to strangers.

• Teach your child how to get help. Spot people in public places that he might ask for help. Do not tell him to go to the car.

• Teach her to scream with loud words like “This is not my daddy” or “help”.

Please don’t neglect to do this because it might frighten your child. It could be a matter of survival.