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Of all the occasions through each day when conversation takes place, there is something uniquely valuable about the mealtime setting. When people take time to sit around a table, the opportunity to communicate is optimal. Perhaps your family has never managed to eat meals together regularly, is on the verge of letting this tradition slide into oblivion, or possibly is contemplating whether the struggle to establish such a pattern is worth the effort. Take time to ponder the long-term consequences for everyone in your house

. • Table Manners – These are caught as well as taught. Along with being instructed in the proper way to eat, hold utensils, handle food, and place dinnerware, children need to see good role models. Where else will you children learn the value of polite table behavior if not from you?

• Family Values – Ordinary daily conversations reveal standards and beliefs. When children regularly hear parents talk about their daily activities, valuable mental pictures are painted of how to live out the values parents are teaching all the time.

• Conversation Skills – Children need to learn how to speak as well as how to listen. When everyone takes a turn talking as conscientious parents guide table conversation, mealtimes can develop effective and polite communication skills for each family member. Conversation is also a frontal lobe processing activity, one essential to forming and presenting ideas.

• Family Ties – A stronger sense of family occurs among those who regularly gather to eat and converse together. Shared mealtimes fuse family loyalties. Students who report shared mealtimes also have higher grades and lower pregnancy and criminal rates.

• Problem-solving Skills – Family banter regarding everyday situations teaches acceptable ways to deal with problems, large and small.

• Mutual Understanding – Insights into the personal pressures of school, work, and friendships unfold in natural conversation. Parents and children are better able to understand and be supportive of each other.

• Self-worth – Security and a sense of belonging are developed when family members learn there is a designated seat for each person at the table. There is a place to be, and you’re missed if you’re not there.

• Character Development – Children learn how to express opinions, test ideas, and defend beliefs in the safe environment of family mealtimes. These are valuable attributes when a child is confronted or challenged away from home.