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We’ve wrestling with media reports of citizens getting shot and shooting randomly and parents who are being deported. We’ve congratulated ourselves that our children are too little to really be aware of what happened. Then there was this article that really helped to put a perspective on how we can respond. To quote:

“Human life is always an arena of struggle between injustice and justice. There are particular things about the modern predicament – for example, the intrusion of electronic technology, the anonymity in the crowd, the erosion of childhood – but I don’t think I would hark back to any ‘golden age’ for children.

Although children come into the world with an instinct for kindness, it is a lesson that must be reinforced at every turn. Case by case, moment by moment, little by little, a child builds up and recognizes, by watching all the types of responses, what is right or the opposite. You don’t learn these things by what people do on TV or what you read in the newspaper. You learn it because you’ve seen people treated nicely in the sand box, you have a sense of someone’s mom being extraordinarily kind – or otherwise. All of these types of experiences are so clear to a child by the time he gets to kindergarten. It is not too soon – well before kindergarten – to have launched into an ongoing conversation about kindness and fairness and justice that will unspool through the whole of the child’s growing up years.

By necessity, the most lasting lessons in the moral arena come not in moments set aside for preplanned lectures. Kids always ask moral questions. We can respond by sweeping them under the rug or saying, “It’s controversial. Go ask your father.” That is a way of teaching moral blindness or cowardice. It’s always been handled on the fly – milking the cows, in the car, walking to school. Parents need to understand that when the question gets asked, it’s an important question; don’t shortchange it just because it was asked in the grocery store. It is crucial business, this teaching of how to be good and kind and caring in a changing world. And it is everybody’s business to teach the lessons, not just the terrain of parents or the school. It tests all of us to be teachers – especially when we least expect it. A really scary thing is that if we as caring adults don’t teach, our children will learn from their friends or from concoctions of the media.

Try not to miss any opportunity to sift through the rightness or wrongness of what unfolds, whether the child is the actor or audience in the drama.” No one said it was going to be easy.