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This is the week in our enrichment curriculum when we focus on the person that we are. We talk about how special each person is and some of what makes us have the skin/hair/eye colors we have. We also talk about emotions. Here is an excerpt of some of the material your child will be learning:

“Every single one of us is the only one there is, or ever was, or ever will be. We are a special combination of genes that we get from our mothers, our fathers, our grandmothers, and our grandfathers. This special combination of the color of your hair and eyes and skin, the shape of your nose and eyes, and how you smile and walk are a part of your heredity. You can see a picture of all the people who gave you a part of you when you look at your family tree. This is a diagram of your mother and father and their mothers and fathers, and if you’re lucky, maybe their mothers and fathers. Your parents may even be able to tell you which country your family came from when they came to America.

Because we’re all different, we can have a lot of good things in our lives. Some people sing really well or bake really good cakes. Some people run really fast and some people can figure out really hard problems. Some people can make us feel happy to be around them and some people can help sick people get well.

All of us have feelings. We call some feelings “good” like love, security, pride, and excitement. We like to share these feelings with our families and our friends. We call some feelings, or emotions, “bad”; like lonely, afraid, angry, worried, disappointed, or “put down”. When we have these kinds of feelings, we can try to understand why, and then change what causes these feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to have these feeling without making others feel sad, too.”

We’ll work all week on defining feelings – lots of feelings. We’ll do charades and statues and mirror each other as we act out feelings. We’ll also talk about how as much as we’re all alike, we’re all different in a lot of ways. An important part of this is skin and hair color. Rather than de-emphasizing the differences, we’ll be pointing them out and learning to appreciate how beautiful it makes our world, just like different flowers and birds make our world beautiful.

We love to share what we are doing with the children during the day. Our curriculum is printed and you are welcome to look at it any time. The main thing we would like from you is that you treasure the completely wonderful person your child is, just the way he or she is at this very moment.