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It’s the beginning of hurricane season, and we’re beginning to see preparation instructions for our region. Maria Montessori taught us to prepare our children for all of living. Being prepared is not being frightened; it’s being competent. Even our littlest children know that there’s a crisis; they know that adults around them are worried; they may even have a relative or the parent of a friend who’s been directly affected by the crisis. As much as we would like to tell our children that we’ll keep them safe, reality is that we might not be able to do that. The situations that arose from the hurricane and now the economic crisis effects us all in ways we can’t control. Here are some suggestions from T. Berry Brazelton to help you as you help your children cope:

• Study maps, newspapers, and history books to try to understand what’s happening. TV pictures can be pretty overwhelming to little ones.

• Plan time for the family to be together at mealtime, at bedtime, and by sharing family rituals.

• Talk about your family’s values and customs and about how other families do the same.

• Respect your child’s ways of coping. Some children will introduce monsters or guns into play as a way of mastering fear. Others will act uninterested.

• Keep joy in your days. Children of the holocaust talk about how their parents maintained a joyful family life even in those darkest times.

Our school has had both emergency evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures functional for a number of years. You’ll find our evacuation site in the front of your parents’ handbook on the website, and there is more information about how we react to emergencies in the handbook. Our personnel policies about exactly how we manage the children in either emergency are open for you to read. Typically, shelter-in-place procedures are only necessary for several hours. In that case, the school is well prepared with supplies. All our staff have both first aid and CPR training, and the children regularly practice fire and tornado drills. For your own preparedness, you might want to check out websites for personal safety at:

General suggestions are to have your own family plan, including where to meet and who is to pick up the children. Survivor supplies are the standard hurricane supplies with special accommodations for infants. Our children take their cues from us about how to deal with the world. We are capable and competent, and they can be, too.