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The world today is such a topsy, turvy place with paradigms shifting constantly. As parents of young children, we seem to go faster and faster just to keep up. Our little ones watch in bewilderment trying to make sense of what it all means. From teenaged children, these words come telling us what their concerns are:

• The world is a frightening place where no one can be trusted.

• There are overwhelming problems of hunger, violence, war, homelessness, and damaged environment that can’t seem to be fixed.

• Commitment is short-termed; nothing seems to stay put. Kids want something and/or someone stable and dependable to provide a sense of security.

• Fear of loss – parents through divorce, friends through moving/death/disagreement.

• Struggle with the need to make a difference or to make a contribution.

• Relationships and maintaining communication.

These are clearly major concerns for our time. To provide the healthy security our children need to develop fully, we can:

• Be an ‘authentic’ adult. Be with your child in a way that is sincerely and obviously pleasurable for you.

• Be totally positive in your regard for your child. Understand that your child is doing his best and is doing what he must do under the circumstances.

• Be willing to understand what is going on with your child and to act on it. Remove the filters of your expectations and the ways “it used to be” or “it should be”.

• Try something new every day. It changes your brain’s thinking patterns and makes you more receptive to new ideas and more creative in generating alternatives.

• Learn to learn from your child. Join her in the vigor, enthusiasm, wonder, and pure joy of every day.

• Commit daily by touching and telling your child that you’ll love him forever, just him, in all his special ways.