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Fitness improves not just the length of our lives, but also the quality of our lives. It’s so sad to watch a fat boy panting as he tries to keep up with his buddies or a fat girl distressed over body image. Critically, fat accumulates in the liver and can cause cirrhosis of the liver decades down the road. We can start now making sure our children never have to be in those situations.

The words fit, active, and healthy are almost synonymous. An active child will almost always be a fit child. As adults, we’re exhausted by trying to keep up with our preschoolers, but the Montessori admonition to “follow the child” tells us that if a child seems to need to jump, set up jumping situations – on a trampoline, down the steps, over the rope. If a child seems to want to run, let her run – after the ball, in a race, down the hill. For smaller children, the infant who protests the high chair and stroller is telling us he needs to be in his own small table and chair and to be allowed to walk. Infants should almost never be placed in an automatic swing or an infant carrier. They’re both about 98% bad for the child. (Manufacturers will never tell you this, of course.)

Don’t have time to always “play”, you say? No problem. Active is folding laundry, digging in the flowerbed, setting the table, and painting the refinished furniture. Your child yearns to be connected with you, to learn from you, and to be affirmed by you. Remember your own days when your parent was the most important person in your world?

Even quiet time has its own inner activity. Quiet time together is reading and talking about a favorite book or watching and analyzing a video program. Every TV program at the preschool level should be a together activity. If it’s a quality program, you’ll learn something. If it’s not a quality program, you don’t want all that junk going into your child’s sponge of a mind. Individual quiet time is a time for you to do your own reading, studying, or bookkeeping while your child is quiet beside you. We’re beginning to hear experts talk about how boredom (with freedom to move) is a key to creativity. Our youngest son could watch the fish in the aquarium forever. Sometimes the best conversations are those when not a word was spoken.

The relationship of health to fitness means great food (low on the food chain, no artificial colors or flavors, etc.) and plenty of rest. These are doable goals. It’s mainly a matter of defining them all for your family. It’s a quality-of-life issue.