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Children in the Montessori classroom go through three stages of learning. When they are first introduced to the material, they quickly grasp the concept of what is to be done. But with immature muscles and incomplete understanding of the task to be accomplished, generally their intent is far ahead of their ability. They may understand that water is to be carried carefully and poured into another tiny pitcher, but much of the water is spilled before their task is complete. As the adult observing this stage, our role is to be patient. The child will learn – and clean up the mess.

In the second stage, both form and order come together. The child is able to thoroughly understand what she is to do, and she is able to perform the work skillfully and with grace. At this stage in the learning cycle, the child basically performs the work as she has seen it demonstrated. At the third stage, we see incredible creativity bloom from the child’s intelligence as he begins to practice and vary the lessons. This is where Montessori’s freedom to move beyond structure is soon evident. The child, who at three years old could hardly move a pencil inside the metal insets, at four carefully traces inside and outside edges, and at six creates wondrous designs and colors using the same equipment he used three years ago.

At every stage, the child freely progresses into the environment prepared for him. He moves at his own pace; there is no pressure causing him to fail before he can learn to succeed. The progression is natural, joyful, and typically far ahead of more traditional educational systems. So when you see your child working with the same equipment she worked with six months ago, be confident that she is moving purposefully to her own inner clock, always forward.