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Newsweek magazineís feature article some time ago was on ďThe Myth of Quality TimeĒ. I found myself sinking into that old guilt feeling about having sacrificed my children to a career. Then this morning the newspaper talked about how 41% of our population think the best environment for raising children is where father works and mother stays home. Guilt! Then my frontal lobe kicked in to place this emotional reaction where it belongs. Itís maybe true that some of us spend 15 of our 40 hours of spare time watching TV every week. But I can make my choice not to watch TV. I can choose to turn it off and keep it off while we talk during chores or at the dinner table. There are also 59% who donít think the best way to raise children is for mom to stay home. There is a majority of us that thrive on intellectual stimulation and who can arrange our lives to be extremely satisfying.

My childrenís friends are getting to ages where we can see problems of adolescence and early adulthood. In the cold light of reason, I can honestly say that we know many who had really serious problems growing up whose mothers did not work and many whose mothers did work who grew up achieving, competent, and satisfied with their families.

One of the points that the Newsweek article made was how difficult parenting is, and how easy it is to want to escape to the orderly, adult world of work. Itís true that children will challenge every management skill. But itís a great training ground to develop your own leadership skills. Anyone who can motivate a 3-year-old to go to bed peacefully can motivate anyone. Make the choice to eagerly hone your leadership, time management, and personal growth skills in your own home, with your own family.