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Over the next several weeks, we are going to want or need our children to be able to sit relatively quietly for long periods of time. This can be difficult for most preschoolers. Try some of these techniques:

• Talk with your child about what to expect. Explain what’s going to happen, who all those people are, how much longer each part will last, and why it’s important for your child to participate in this agony.

• Prior to the event that will require the child to sit quietly, encourage as much movement as possible. This will help children who are in a high state of alertness to be calm and will help children in a low state of alertness to attend to what’s going on.

• If at all possible, allow children to take frequent wiggle breaks. On a long car trip, it is good for everyone to get out of the car and move around at least once an hour. We used to buy takeout dinners and drive to the next roadside park to eat. The fresh air does everyone good, and we got a better feel for the country by touching it with our feet. During performances or religious services, take every opportunity to stand or to participate in the event.

• Although it may seem a good idea to sit in the back so that you can make an unobtrusive escape if necessary, children, being the contraindicators that they are, sometimes do better if they sit up front. They are closer to the action, and sitting in front of all those people can be very intimidating. A friendly adult behind you can help reinforce your objectives.

• Oral stimulation may be appropriate in some situations. Crunchy and chewy snacks or a sports bottle with an attached straw can be indispensable. Hard candy can work in a pinch.

• Small, quiet hand toys to play with and that are new or unusual to the child can work well. Sensory balls, worry stones, a small lump of play putty, pencils with a spiral notebook can buy you some quiet time.

• Small cushions that can be filled with water or air are available at sporting goods stores. They provide a slightly unstable surface to sit on that allows children to get some needed movement.

• Allow your child to dress as comfortably as possible. Children will be better able to tolerate other kinds of sensory stimulation or lack of stimulation if they are not unduly irritated by clothing.

Being prepared can be the better part of parenting. Traditions and rituals are important and our children will be better able to handle them with your support.