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One of our mothers this week shared her sense of overwhelm with me. She had twins four months ago and is still at home on maternity leave. She had come in to the school to pick up her five-year-old. “But it’s going to get better”, she said hopefully.

My sense of it is that it doesn’t get better. This is not at all a negative attitude; it’s actually very positive. The whole world wistfully reaches out in love to children, remembering how wonderful it was when they had a little one at home. This is where we are, in that time people remember so fondly. Let’s take a hint and begin to treasure these times, making every day a series of moments to store in our memory bank.

But it’s not wonderful, you might say. I’m stressed to the max. My children have been sick, my boss wants more performance from me, and we’re going to have to buy a new car soon. Stop for a minute. What is wonderful about your life right now? You have a supportive spouse who still remembers why you two married, you have work where you make a contribution to our society, and your child loves nothing better than to snuggle up to you. Every day does present new challenges. It seems that just as we kind of get a grip on the routine though, things change. Your child enters a new phase, you get transferred, or your spouse takes up a new hobby. It’s all a part of the adventure!

It seems better to me when everything I do passes through a filter of my life priorities. A saying from somewhere in my memory is:

“Work as though you’ll live forever.

Live as though you die tomorrow.”
People who have a sudden, life-threatening trauma talk about how dear every moment becomes to them. What if we could capture that gratitude for every moment without needing a “life shock”? What if today we could treasure the sparkle of the sun on water, the trill of a meadowlark, the feel of a little child’s hand in ours?

Every period in our lives has it growth opportunities for us. We call them “tough times” for want of a better word. Having passed through a number of those periods, I can promise you that it doesn’t “get better”. It just gets different. My suspicion is that this will continue probably until I die. So I have determined to make every day totally effective, with only my top priority things being essential. I’ve learned to say “no”, and I’ve learned there are many things that will simply wait until tomorrow — or never. I want to have every day full of wonderful moments to treasure, because it truly doesn’t get any better than it is right now. It seems to me the secret is to notice what’s good, and then to savor every second of it.