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It’s love season and falling in love is one of the most delicious events of anyone’s life. To “be in love” is one of life’s treasures. To be the object of someone’s love is to be placed in a position of the highest possible esteem. A curious reality of the mind is that when we act like we are, we are. What can we do to capture this wonderful emotion for our children and ourselves?

• Spend time together. - You really can’t love someone you don’t know. With our crazy schedules, this one may be the most challenging, but it is #1. Get creative. If you need to walk the dog, take your child, too. Have a time or a place just for the two of you. Maybe it’s a quiet place in your yard, 20 minutes before bedtime, or a fishing place where you can go frequently.

• Develop common interests. – This can test our listening skills. It’s easy for “common” interests to be your interests. Let your child lead sometimes. “What would you like to do this afternoon?” could turn into planting a garden. Our children are fascinating people. Listen to find out what your child really is like.

• Play together. - Having fun comes naturally to children, but most of us have to rekindle our playful inner child. Children appreciate it immensely when we lighten up and become playful. This play can take many forms. Use your imagination.

• Talk together. - Children love to hear your stories about when you or your parents were their age. They also like to hear about when they were babies. On the other side, things that happen to your children are im-portant to them, even if they seem trivial to you. One of my favorite lines is “I am as big for me as you are big for you.” Ask your child about her day, and then listen

. • Touch your child. - There is no greater reassurance of lovability and worth than to be affectionately touched and held. By giving our kids appropriate and loving physical contact, we send them into the world with renewed inner strength to cope with the multitude of challenges they face daily. Holding a hand or stroking a cheek can speak louder than any words.

• Treat your children as if they are important. - Although our children deserve the same kind of consideration that we would give to an adult friend, we often treat our kids like second-class citizens. We talk down to them, embarrass them, order them around, and generally treat them disrespectfully. Every time we even unintentionally criticize, embarrass, or demean, we cement another brick into the wall that separates us because of hurt.