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What if you really did begin to minimize screen time? What could you do in all with all that extra time you’re going to have? Since the turnoff includes electronic devices of all kinds, you’re going to have at great deal more spare time. Maybe it would be a good idea to think about some great activities to connect with your child. A place to begin is with movement. Movement is absolutely essential for children. They need to move to learn. Therapists tell us that frequent, short movement breaks are essential since the effect of movement on the nervous system only lasts about half an hour. The extra-active child is calmed by vigorous activity, and the more passive child is invigorated by active play. And yet in our sedentary society, we have to consciously build time in for movement. Try some of these for your family:

• Wake up activities – A vigorous 15-minute walk with the dog or without the dog can really get everyone at a good pace for getting ready in the morning.

• Hang by the arms – A chinning bar in a door or closet gives a child the opportunity to develop upper body strength that is hard to find in most exercise programs. Pushing on walls and jumping up to touch a high point on the wall are also activities that involve using the large joints and muscles in the arms as well as the hips. Throwing or hitting balls or wet sponges against the wall can be helpful, and kids never tire of the game.

• Grown-up activities – Vacuum, sweep, or scrub the floor, push or pull grocery carts, or carry items, especially heavy things. Kneading bread or hand mixing pie or cookie dough is helpful. Clay and playdough work, too. Digging, raking, and hoeing in the garden, and washing the car are good outdoor activities.

• Knees to chest – Somersaults and crawling activities, sitting on the floor, the “child’s pose” in yoga and any other fun thing you can think of to get the knees to the chest is a good limbering exercise.

• Jumping – Most kids love to jump – jump down the steps, jump up the steps, jump into a circle as in hop scotch, or jump high to put the ball in the hoop. Make a giant pillow out of twin sheets sewn together.

• Family exercise – The best movement is with the whole family, like walking (NO stroller!), swimming, or wrestling. A time at the playground is more fun when mom and dad climb and hide, too. Open yourself to your inner child. Make sure your child knows fun games like tag and touch football.

Building vigorous activity into our sedentary life-styles is a challenge. Keep us posted on how these things work for you. Maybe we can pass creative things to do and fun places to go on to other families.