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The children have a program on safety at least once a month in the enrichment curriculum. It may be fire safety, safe practices around water, abuse prevention, or bicycle safety. These are some things that we have been work-ng on. Please reinforce these lessons in your home on a very regular basis:

• Frequently reassure your child that you would never abandon him and that you would never stop looking for him until you found him.

• Make sure you child knows her full name, address including city and state, and telephone number including area code. Teach her to use a phone. When reciting this information, teach her to speak clearly and loudly, even to strangers.

• Teach your child how to get help. Spot people in public places that he might ask for help. These might be sales clerks, women with children, grandmothers, or security guards.

• Teach her to scream in a loud voice using words, not just shrieking; words like “This is not my daddy” or “Help!”

• Review where to go if you become separated in a public place. Do not tell a young child to go to the car. He can ask a sales clerk for help.

• Explain that if anyone ever threatens or frightens her, she should tell you. And then believe her.

• Explain that no one has the right to touch him or to tell him to keep secrets from his parents.