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Laugh a Little
Preschoolers love riddles. This collection came from a jar of cards available from Free Spirit Publishing. Make it a point to laugh with your little one.

• What invention allows people to walk through walls? Answer: Doors.

• What asks no questions but receives a lot of answers? Answer: A telephone.

• Why should you never tell a secret in a vegetable gar-den? Answer: Because the corn have ears.

• What is the difference between a lion with a toothache and a rainy day? Answer: One roars with pain and the other pours with rain.

• What is ready to walk, has a long tongue, and can’t talk? Answer: A shoe.

• What is everyone in the world doing at the same time? Answer: Getting older.

• What do you lose every time you stand up? Answer: Your lap.

• A box filled with water weighs a ton. What can you put in the box to make it weigh less? Answer: Holes

• What are raised in many countries where the rainfall is heavy? Answer: Umbrellas.

• What goes down a hill but never moves? Answer: A road.

• What kind of coat is made without buttons and put on wet? Answer: A coat of paint.

• What bone keeps getting longer and shorter? Answer: A trombone.

• When you fall into the water, what is the first thing you do? Answer: Get wet.

• What comes all the way up to a house but never gets in? Answer: The steps.