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Virtually every parent stands fast in asserting that, of course, they want their child to be well. But when we begin understanding the childís background of illness, a lot of issues present themselves. For example, our children at the school gladly swallow the vilest medicine when they feel like itís left with love from their parent. So the medicine becomes a physical way of the parent extending their care and concern into the childís day. In his book What Do You Really Want for Your Children? Wayne Dwyer includes in each chapter sections of our psychological payoffs for not wanting things for our children like wellness, creativity, self-esteem, self-reliance, and celebration. Itís amazing how we can sabotage ourselves into living lives of simply surviving instead of thriving. It almost seems that our greatest fear is greatness itself.

Itís becoming stereotypical that American children are far behind their counterparts in developed countries in math skills. It doesnít seem to have anything to do with time spent in either the classroom or on homework. Even time spent watching television doesnít seem to be a factor. Apparently, itís a matter of expectations! Weíre simply not presenting advanced concepts to our children. We feed them baby food when theyíre capable of not just table food but a cornucopia of tastes and textures. That means advanced math and science!

To go back to Wayne Dwyer, some reasons why we might discourage risk-taking include: viewing life as risky and the world as a dangerous place to live; not wanting to concern ourselves with behavior that is not like our way of being in the world; preferring to live our lives by habit rather than by thinking. As a remedy, he suggests: try lots of new foods lots of times; visit many places of celebration and worship; avoid negative labels.

On the wellness issue, we sabotage ourselves in a lot of areas. We expect to take a pill and feel better. If we go to a doctor, we expect her to make us well. Research is indicating that rest and liquids are frequently better for us than an antibiotic or an over-the-counter remedy. But in our microwave world, we want wellness NOW. Itís just plain hard work to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and to juggle schedules to stay home with our baby when he needs to be out of the group long enough to let the fever go down naturally.

Dr. Dwyer presents a lot of ideas that are pretty uncomfortable to us as parents, even as we reach the age when we are beginning to parent ourselves. As you form your own ideas abut the kind of parent you want to be, I would encourage you to read his book. It will open a lot of new possibilities for you.