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As we’re entering into the new school year with bright hopes and strong hearts, it is appropriate to focus on a society of new children, children who are free to become their best. The Montessori environment is a movement toward this ideal. The material in the classroom is a help. It is beautiful and the children strive to maintain its beauty. There is also only one set of material, so if one child is using the piece another child wants, he must wait until the first child has finished with it and puts it back in its place.

But the class does not consist of the equipment. What appears to be totally opposite concepts is what makes Montessori work, indeed also our society of de-mocracy and free people. Freedom and discipline come together. Generally they are thought to be opposite things. Instead we find that there is no freedom without discipline. They are strictly connected with one another. After a time, the teacher understands that if there is a lack of discipline, the children must have been insufficient freedom. If we give perfect freedom, we get perfect discipline. Order is the basis necessary for this harmony. The children become orderly and obtain a harmonious discipline, a discipline in which each has his different interest. It is different from the discipline of a soldier with forced obedience, all having to do the same thing at the same time. Montessori is a social discipline, and it brings people into harmony with each other. It should be like this in the family, too. The father should not have to order the activities of his family, but all should act harmoniously together. In ordinary schools, what is known as discipline is a social error. It is the discipline of the school, but it is not a preparation for social life, because in society each one chooses his own work. Each does different things but all must work together in intelligent harmony.

Another interesting phenomenon that comes from freedom is obedience. We think of freedom and obedience as being two contrasting things. Instead, free children are singularly obedient. Obedience must come from the formation of an individual as the result of inner growth. Otherwise it is repression. It is the manifestation of the perfection of an individual. Only one who is master of himself can obey. If we do not have this inner discipline, it is difficult to obey. Children who are happy, harmonious, and at peace with themselves obey the teacher, the teacher who asks but does not command. The children are proud of being able to obey. This is a complicated concept, but one you’ll want to use for your family and your life. Think about how you can apply it in your home.