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We’re planning a whole day of focusing on “practically perfect manners” in preparation for the holidays. On Party Manners Day, we’ll be using “ma’am” and “sir” and making introductions and giving a lot of compliments. We’ll have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with foods that may be unusual to your child, like made-from-scratch dressing and cranberry sauce. (Ask our wonderful cooks if you would like tips on these dishes for your own kitchen.) All this is in preparation for the upcoming holiday season when your children will be meeting new people and facing different situations. We want them to be able to handle all those different things graciously. Here are some of the manners we teach on a regular basis throughout the year, but that we’ll be rolling all together in one day. Your reinforcement at home will insure that friends and relatives you meet over the holiday admire how well you’re doing with your child.

Meeting adults – All our children are taught to shake hands. An extension of this skill is to look the adult in the eye and say “Hello, Ms. Smith.” We teach our children how to make complete introductions, as in “Mom, this is Jenni.” “Jenni, this is my mother.”

Table manners - As soon as our children can sit up, they are put at a table. They’re taught to stay seated as long as they want to eat. If they get up, they can’t come back again. They only eat at the table, not walking about the room. (Being a role model, this is one you may have to really work on at home.) The children are taught to sit straight in the chair with their legs in front of them. They don’t say the food is yucky, and they have to try everything on their plates. They have to ask to have food passed to them, and they serve themselves only as much as they can eat. When they are finished eating, the primary children must ask to be excused. Generally, we like for the older children to sit for at least 15 minutes, waiting for some of the other people to finish and even participating in conversation before they are excused.

Receiving and giving gifts – Although Thanksgiving is not the big gift-giving holiday, compliments are lovely gifts that we all need to learn to receive as well as to give. Our children are taught to respond to a compliment with a compliment, as in “I’m glad you like my dress. I think your dress is a pretty color, too.”

These are simple manners that make our world a nicer place to live. Children learn what they live, and every day is the time to teach these useful skills.