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The Christmas crazies are upon us, and I’m reminded how wise these ideas are from Unplug the Christmas Machine. It’s better to implement this plan now than to resolve after the fact to do better next year.

• You’re so busy the kids feel neglected, and you get into a vicious cycle of their increasing crankiness, which takes more of your time and makes you more irritable. Take a few minutes to reconnect. Involve your children in your tasks. It’s true that it takes longer, but first, you’re staying connected with your children, and second, they’re learning important life skills.

• You’re spending more time away from home. Your year-end office work, parties, and shopping take you away more than normal. A simple “rule of two” applies here. Make it a policy that neither parent will be gone from home more than two evenings a week.

• Everyone gets tired and grumpy. The children are staying up late and you’re staying up even later. Work to simplify your life, especially during this season. If a regular dinner takes too much time, the children have eaten well all day at the school. Soup and toast or cereal and a banana won’t hurt them when it’s occasional. Try to stay on the schedule that you know works best for your family. Remember the small rituals that keep you anchored. If you need to skip baths, keep the story time. Lots of hugs and kisses and assurance that you’ll love them forever mean a lot, especially if they’re feeling a little insecure.

• You’re anxious about overspending your budget. Just the exercise of creating a realistic budget will put a subconscious brake on your spending. Creative and thoughtful here is better than more expensive anyway.

• It’s a natural law that children will act up in front of guests or relatives. Anticipate this by telling your children what to expect. Generally we put our little people in situations that are totally foreign to them and expect them to be socially competent. Designate one parent to make sure that the children don’t feel left out. If things get too overwhelming for the child, take a walk or go into a quiet place and read a book.

• Be grateful. Give gifts because of the joy you get from the giving, not because the receiver will appreciate them. Understand the pleasure people took in selecting the gifts they gave to you – whether or not you like the actual gift. Treasure the connectedness of the season regardless of the material things involved in it. Count your blessings of simply having family, of having a safe home, and of your good health.