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Martin Luther King Holiday
The school will be closed in honor of the man who said “no more” to injustice.

Stone Soup Day
We’ll come together as a community to contribute to a lovely soup. It comes from the story of soldiers returning from the war. As they came to a village, they were hungry and asked for food from the townsfolk. Everyone claimed they had nothing to eat. Taking pity on the poor villagers, the soldiers set about making stone soup for everyone. Finally, one villager allowed as how he had a cabbage. Another volunteered some carrots, and another had a few onions. Eventually, there was more than enough to make a fine soup. We’ll all bring something (please, only a handful) to add to our beef base on that Thursday. The children delight in finding their macaroni or corn they brought to share. Plan ahead so you can have something to send, and be sure to ask how it went that evening.

Chinese New Year
This week the children will be learning a lot about Asian cultures, not the least of which is the game scissors/paper/stone as a way to settle a tie or pass time while waiting. You could have fun with it at home, too. You could also visit a part of our city that has new year celebrations to watch a real dragon dance.