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Summer Outdoor Schedule
Starting in June we will be going on our summer outdoor schedule. This means we will be spending more time outside in the morning and less in the heat of the day. Summer also means we will be announcing water play soon, so watch for that.

Have a Song in Your Head?
We teach “culturally literate” songs in the school so you can sing along with your child on the way in or going home in the car. (That means no radio or cell phones.) We list the week’s songs every week in the flyer available in the entry area. It occurs to us that there may be some new songs that would be fun for the kids and that you know from your childhood, camps, or scouts. We would really like to get your thoughts on this. You can talk with your teacher, the administrator, or send the title in via comments ( on our website.

About Insect Repellent and Sunscreen
Apply any sunscreen or bug spray prior to arrival at school. Please do not apply bug repellent in the building or on the playground. We have regular spraying to minimize the mosquito population, but if you would like us to reapply either sunscreen or bug spray in the afternoon, we will need a medicine authorization form.

It is almost time for our annual luau. This is always one of our larger events for the year, and offers a great opportunity for fun, sun, and socializing outside the school. Keep an eye out for details which will be coming in July.