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Summer Outdoor Schedule
Starting in June we will be going on our summer outdoor schedule. This means we will be spending more time outside in the morning and less in the heat of the day. Summer also means we will be announcing water play soon, so watch for that.

Loose Parts
In their popular book, Loose Parts, authors Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky discuss how important it is to understand the benefits of encouraging children to carry objects (loose parts) from one place to another. For example, children learn experientially about concepts of weight and space and make predictions (such as how many objects can fit in a bag). “To support children’s interest in transporting,” the authors write, “environments should include a variety of sizes and types of bags, baskets, buckets, boxes, containers, bottles and cans. Fabric in various sizes can also be used to encompass bundles and create stretchers. Fabric and scarves can be stuffed into pillowcases for children to fill and empty. Taking baskets and buckets on walks provides a place for children to collect treasures.”