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This is one of the sensory integration exercises we incorporate into our daily routine. Proprioception is the sense of where our body is in space. Some of the things you can do at home are: (1) encourage your child to do heavy things, like carry a gallon of milk, (2) play “backpacking” with several heavy-ish things like a bag of beans or rice in the backpack, and (3) do a “hug sandwich” with your child between two people.

As a part of giving our children lots of tools with which to work, our enrichment curriculum this week names places, animals, and folklore stories associated with North America. Fortunately, the children are in a place where their brains are like sponges for all this new vocabulary. You can help the imprint if you reinforce some of these words at home.

Got Sweet Gum Balls?
The sweet gum spiders craft needs a lot of sweet gum balls. If you have access to a prolific sweet gum tree, we would appreciate any balls you could bring for us.