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Keeping in Touch
We have ben trying to keep children at home in touch with school via videos and messages. We would love it if parents can also share pictures of the children at home. We will be making a bulletin board with pictures so that the children at school can see what their friends are up to. Send what you have to Ms. Christina at

Watch Your Words
As we reiterated before, our children are hypersensitive to our reactions to events. They are watching every move to judge how they should feel about what’s going on. Be careful to minimize your child’s exposure to media announcements. Especially be careful of your own expressions. An appalling response from one mom was to say “We’ll schedule a sleepover if we don’t all die first.” She meant it sarcastically, but preschool children are very literal. They believe us. Just be careful.

How We’re Coping
We will communicate via email and, as appropriate, text blasts about any school closure due to Covid-19. With so much economic uncertainty we know that work is as important to our families as it is to our staff. Our plans are to remain open and supporting our families as long as it continues to make sense to do so