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Re: Covid-19
Because we have so many families and their friends who travel internationally and are around our students, we’re monitoring the situation very closely. Flu and strep viruses are making the rounds already, so we are actively practicing our sick policy. We have held several group lessons with practicing washing hands (singing happy birthday while we mimic washing wrists, in between fingers, etc.) well before this coronavirus started. We are also monitoring the TXDHHS department and since we are licensed, we get info first hand from CCL. We’ll follow all recommendations/protocols they provide for child care facilities and schools. Feel free to talk with us about your concerns.

Watch Your Words
As we reiterated before, our children are hypersensitive to our reactions to events. They are watching every move to judge how they should feel about what’s going on. Be careful to minimize your child’s exposure to media announcements. Especially be careful of your own expressions. An appalling response from one mom was to say “We’ll schedule a sleepover if we don’t all die first.” She meant it sarcastically, but preschool children are very literal. They believe us. Just be careful.

How We’re Coping
We will take this week by week, though many of you have communicated to me your plans for the entire month. Please continue to visit our facebook page for a break from the news. I also want to thank you all for the responses, and for letting us know how you all are doing. It's hard to respond timely to all of them, so please know that each of them gave a smile. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you would like to share something with them personally. We LOVE to hear from you about fun little things that take place during your day, and please know that we miss you.