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Outside food/drink
Please remember to throw away or take with you any outside food that your child might not have finished before bringing them into the school during morning drop off.

Immunization/Hearing Vision Records
As a reminder, we are required by law to have updated Immunization records for all students. Please remember to bring us a copy when your child has their next well checkup! One that is often forgotten is the Hearing/Vision Screening test that takes place at your child’s four-year well checkup. We need a copy of that one as well.

Sex Ed
This week’s curriculum will be a week when we will be very specific about how we can help ourselves when people do things to us that they shouldn’t do. It’s a sensitive subject, and it’s a part of what we do to prepare our children to live in our world. Please feel free to ask to see what we’ll be saying. It’s important to our children that the adults in their lives are cohesive.