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About Graduation
Although we are not able to have our traditional Kindergarten ceremony (in the month of May at least), I want to do something special for your children. First, I will be making graduation books for each child. This will not happen until July or beginning of August, for I want to see what happens. Time will tell, so let's give it some more time before I give out the memory books. In the meantime, I want to make a digital slideshow to post on our school's facebook page, to email to you, to add to our newsletter email list, and to place inside the school for all the children who are able to attend can see. Please send me pictures that we can share. Also, I welcome your ideas on how to acknowlege your children with this important milestone. Maybe a parade with big posters and balloons in a car, or perhaps at a park if we can maintain social distancing, or something! What are you comfortable with?

Finding Joy
In this weird between time, here are some things to help enjoy in order to find joy. Do any or all these things slowly, and let hobbies teach instead of merely to entertain. Your children will learn from your example: Have meals with family and friends Read non-work-related books Work in the yard or garden Enjoy creating Practice mindfulness

Flag Rules
For our colonial times theme, the children will be learning about the American flag, its history, how to stand at attention, and what the pledge is. We'll also imagine what it might be like to be an eagle.