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Stone Soup Day
Every child should bring a soup ingredient to share the old story of soldiers returning from the war. As they came into the village, they asked for food. When the terrified villagers claimed they had no food, the soldiers took pity and volunteered to provide a grand soup dinner for everyone. They set up a huge pot and filled it with water to cook a large stone. One by one, the villagers offered some carrots, a few potatoes, even a bit of meat. Eventually, there was indeed a fine dinner for the whole village. Its an exercise in how we all contribute to the common good, and the children delight to find their pasta, their corn, or their potato that they brought. Well provide a soup base and cornbread.

Homestead Heritage Day
Jesse Jones Park will sponsor this event from 10:00 to 4:00. You can take your family back in time by making cornhusk dolls, bonnets, lye soap, and beeswax candles. See how the early inhabitants of Texas made and used tools for building their homes and raising their food.

Valentine Preparations
Well have a quiet day for Valentines, but you can begin to prepare now. Every child will need a valentine for each child in the classroom. If your child can write his name, you might want to start labeling a few valentines at a time so he can proudly give valentines that he wrote to his friends.